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Personal data protection is one of the human rights – the right to inviolability of one’s private life. Under the conditions of democratic society it is important to strike the balance between public and private interests, the right of the person to receive and disseminate information and the right that his private and family life would be respected. The State Data Protection Inspectorate (thereinafter – the Inspectorate) is one of the authorities helping to implement this right. 

The Inspectorate is responsible for the supervision and control of enforcement of the Republic of Lithuania law on Legal Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter referred to as LPPDL), except its article 8, also for the Republic of Lithuania law on Electronic Communications (hereinafter referred to as ECL) section IX “Personal data processing and privacy security” implementation of provisions of articles (except provisions of articles 63 (5), 65(4) and 70(7)). The Government of the Republic of Lithuania by Resolution No. 1593 of 06/12/2004 “On granting authorization for implementation of the law on Electronic Communications of the Republic of Lithuania’’ by article 4 entitled the Inspectorate to perform control ensuring the inviolability of electronic communications users’ private life according to the procedures established by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania. The Government by Resolution No.807 of 20/07/2005 approved the Rules for Inspections on Communication Secrecy, which specify the procedure of inspections carried out by Inspectorate establishing whether the requirements of ECL article 63(1) to ensure communications secrecy are complied with and also the procedure for formalizing such inspections results. More